Hotels in Raton, New Mexico



If you want to take a fun vacation with your family – rent an RV. No matter where you are going, when you want to stay for a while just to visit the area and see its features there is always an RV park somewhere.

New Mexico

If you are traveling to Colorado through New Mexico, you might want to stay at an RV park in Raton, New Mexico. Raton is in the northeast part of New Mexico. It is also south of Raton Pass which is part of the old Santa Fe Trail. Raton is also located7 miles from the Colorado border and is west of Texas by 85 miles. From Raton, you can go either to Colorado or visit Texas.

Things to see

There is a lot to see in the state of New Mexico and you can park your RV monthly Raton New Mexico. Then you can go on day trips to see some of the interesting places in New Mexico such as:

  • Capulin Volcano National Monument
  • NRA Whittington Center
  • Philmont Scout Ranch
  • Sugarite Canyon State Park
  • Vermejo Park Ranch

All of these are interesting places to take the entire family.


RV Park in Raton, New Mexico

RV Park in Raton, New Mexico

RV Parks in Raton New Mexico

There are many RV Park Raton New Mexico, and in the summertime, it is so nice outside that the kids might like Camping Raton New Mexico. And an RV park for a month is a lot cheaper than the entire family staying in a motel or hotel.

Length of stay

But you don’t have to stay for a month and can find other cheap RV park Raton New Mexico or nearby and even up Raton Pass to Colorado. Some places in Colorado you might want to visit include:

  • Trinidad
  • Pueblo

Both towns have lots to see and do in Colorado. In Trinidad, there is a very nice RV park as part of Tower 64 which is a very upscale hotel. It is also located in a beautiful area of the Colorado Mountains which is amazing no matter what time of the year you are there. There are also in both towns a lot to see such as museums and art galleries. And it will still be cheaper than staying in a nice hotel or motel.