Now that Colorado is pot marijuana 420 friendly, many people think they can simply travel there and smoke marijuana openly. That’s not the case as smoking marijuana in public is illegal, much to the disappointment of many tourists who travel to Colorado in the hopes of being able to smoke pot without fear of consequences. Pot-friendly hotels in Trinidad, Colorado and other locales are increasingly popular because people who want to visit Colorado can feel comfortable with the fact that they can smoke in their hotel room. Tower 64 motel in Trinidad Colorado is the best place to stay.

Choosing Among Pot Friendly Hotels in Trinidad, Colorado
If you’re researching your options in Trinidad, CO you’ll want a pot-friendly hotel that has a good rating. You’ll want something comfortable as well as weed-friendly so you’ll want to research the amenities. Things you might be interested include:
–  In-room snack-making abilities, such as a microwave.
–  Television, for in-room movies
–  Wifi for internet access in your room.
–  Nearby Shopping and Restaurants.

You will want to read reviews of pot-friendly hotels in Trinidad, CO to see what the experience of others has been, as well as peruse websites for photographs so that you can check out the hotel and the nearby area.

Things to do in Trinidad Colorado – In addition to finding pot-friendly hotels and purchasing Marijuana legally locally, you might also be interested in finding out about things to see and do in the area. Trinidad, CO isn’t a large city. With fewer than 9000 people, it offers the beauty of Colorado without the worry about being over-populated. There is a Lake and Trinidad State park nearby, Hiking, cycling, and the Louden-Henritze museum of archeology, as well as the Trinidad History Museum, are popular tourist spots. Trinidad State Park is also popular. The Trinidad, CO Welcome center can help you discover other aspects of the area that are popular with tourists as well as help you if you choose to go off the beaten path. Because of the beauty of the area, don’t forget to bring your camera, too. The Santa Fe Trail extends through here as well. Before visiting you may want to also check out Trinidad, CO deals to see what sorts of local events and discounts. A Familiarizing yourself with the guidelines around the legalization of marijuana in Colorado can help you get the most out of your holiday. The right hotel ensures you’ll be able to enjoy the pot-friendly nature of Colorado.