Planning a weed-cationĀ or marijuana vacation in Colorado? You may want to do some research and understand the law to ensure you “Enjoy Responsibly”. Marijuana vacations are popular for the purposes of benefiting from Colorado’s legalization of cannabis for adults 21 and over.

With the change to cannabis laws in Colorado, tourism for medical benefits of CBD and recreational marijuana has increased significantly. Tourists from all corner of the world, of ALL AGES, are flocking to smoke marijuana without the fear of legal consequences. Before you visit Colorado you should absolutely get familiar with the laws as there are still things to keep in mind with respect to where you can get it, where you can smoke it, how to carry it with you legally, and so forth. In addition to that, you should also carefully research marijuana friendly rooms hotels and accommodations in Trinidad Colorado because NOT all hotels in Trinidad are marijuana friendly. Trinidad, Colorado has marijuana friendly hotels named Tower 64 that allow private consumption in the hotel rooms only. If you are visiting the Trinidad Colorado area, you aren’t able to smoke anywhere marijuana in public so you will want to have a place where you can indulge marijuana legally.

Researching marijuana friendly hotels in Trinidad, Colorado will reveal which hotels allow smoking in their rooms. Some hotels have specific additional amenities that might appeal to you as well. You’ll even find Cannabis tours in Colorado that gear to helping tourists navigate the area in a way that helps them take advantage of the fact that they can legally buy and consume cannabis.

Read Reviews of Marijuana Friendly Hotels

In Trinidad, Colorado, Denver, or elsewhere you’ll want to research the hotels you are considering to see that they have a good reputation for comfortable beds, cleanliness, and good service. You’ll even find weed-cation packages for Colorado visitors that ensure that people get to benefit from the new laws without putting themselves in jeopardy.

You will need to know how to transport it, how much you’re allowed to have, you can’t drive while high otherwise you could face legal consequences, and if your hotel is not marijuana friendly you can’t simply smoke it outside the hotel the way you might smoke a cigarette. Some hotels will fine guests over $200 for consuming marijuana on their property.