The fact that you can smoke marijuana in Colorado legally now has boosted the economy from a tourism perspective. People already visited the state for its natural beauty, for the skiing, and so forth but now many come with visions of being able to legally smoke pot. While you won’t find that Colorado is the same as Amsterdam in terms of the way pot legalization works you will find that there are tourism elements that cater to the cannabis aficionado.

Before you come to Colorado here are some tips to help you find friendly lodging as well as get acquainted with the laws. It’s your responsibility to know the laws regarding cannabis and you will ensure that you have the type of vacation in Colorado you want by knowing what you can and can’t do with marijuana.

Buying Pot in Colorado

There are dispensaries where you can buy marijuana. There are guidelines about how much you can buy and the ways you must transport it. There are also guidelines around where you can and cannot smoke it.

Consuming Pot in Colorado

You can’t simply smoke a joint or from a bong or vaporizer in public. You’ll need to smoke marijuana some place private. The Colorado government frowns upon marijuana cafes so you’ll want to secure marijuana friendly lodging in Colorado. You can rent a holiday home, cottage, or chalet for this purpose or you can book a room in a marijuana friendly hotel that has weed-friendly or 420 friendly¬Ě rooms.

If you are interested in indulging in marijuana in a culinary way you’ll also find that there are restaurants and bake shops that sell items ranging from baked goods to confectionaries to meals that encompass cannabis. Beware that if you haven’t consumed it in this fashion in the past you can expect a slightly different high, one that often results in a longer and more body-focused buzz. For this reason be cautious about consumption as you adjust to this type of high.

It’s important to note you can be charged for driving while high so if you are planning to visit an event where cannabis-laced foods will be served a taxi back to your marijuana friendly lodging in Colorado could be a wise decision.