Dog Friendly Hotel in Trinidad Colorado

Dog Friendly Hotels in Trinidad Colorado

Your dog is not just a pet, but a part of the family. When going on a holiday, you surely don’t want to leave your precious pet behind. Fortunately, there are pet friendly motels near Trinidad Colorado. As a matter of fact, there are many of them and it makes choosing quite a daunting task. To help you narrow down your choice for pet friendly hotels near Trinidad Colorado, you have to consider the following:

  • Check for pet essentials

The best pet friendly hotels in Trinidad Colorado should provide pet essentials such as food, blankets, coats, and beddings, to name a few. There should be a welcome pack for your beloved pets such as treats, bowls, toys, and bags with cleaning stuff. 

  • Free treats

Look for pet friendly motels in Trinidad Colorado that have available treat jars and freshwater bowls. There should also be a dedicated doggy menu packed with everything your dog wants such as steak and sausages. 

  • Free access to all areas

You know how strict some hotels are when it comes to access to different areas. There are parts of the hotel where pets are not allowed. As a fur parent, you would want to make sure you can take your pets with you in all areas of the hotel. Look for Dog & Cat Friendly Hotels in Trinidad Colorado that allow your pets to access all areas of the accommodation such as formal hotel restaurants, bars, and lounge areas. Let the hotel staff knows you are dining with your dog so that they can set up a table in the most favorable and appropriate area.

  • Bathroom breaks

Pet friendly motels in Trinidad Colorado should have adequate open areas filled with grass so that your dog can easily go to whenever it feels urinating. 

  • Number of pets allowed

You could be traveling with more than one dog and you have to be aware that the majority of hotels and motels have a limited number of dogs allowed. If you are traveling with one dog, make sure you contact your accommodation to know how many dogs are allowed. Always locate pet friendly motels near me when traveling with your beloved dogs. 

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