Cannabis Friendly hotel Trinidad Colorado

420 Cannabis Friendly Hotels in Trinidad, Colorado

Cannabis Friendly Hotels in Trinidad, Colorado

What to Consider When Picking Cannabis Friendly Hotels Colorado

Marijuana tourism has become huge in Colorado. Most trips usually include tours, cannabis friendly hotels, and other related marijuana experiences. When planning a cannabis vacation tour it is particularly important to only stay at cannabis friendly hotels Colorado because you will need a private place where you can smoke and be yourself freely. Public smoking is illegal just like public drinking.

Fortunately, the number of cannabis friendly hotels in Colorado is on the rise, which means that tourists and residents alike can now afford to be choosy and picky regarding the quality of hotels that they want at the best price. If you are planning on taking a weedcation to Colorado soon, here are some tips to help you select 420 friendly accommodations and lodging in . Trinidad Colorado:


To have an enjoyable stay, you need to consider the location of your hotel very carefully. You want a cannabis-friendly accommodation that is closely situated to local retailers and dispensaries, as well as one that is in close proximity to the local sights and restaurants. Make sure that the hotel that you pick is near more than one retailer so that you can enjoy the unique opportunity to sample a wide variety of strains. Tower 64 hotel has over 10 dispensaries within 2 mile radius.

The atmosphere

You should never feel uncomfortable when smoking marijuana at a 420 friendly hotel in Trinidad during your cannabis vacation tour. Tower 64 offers the best atmosphere with mountain view rooms, memory foam beds and Netflix TV(Must be booked over phone).

You can ONLY smoke marijuana inside the designate marijuana friendly rooms as public smoking is not legal. As such, you want to pick a 420 friendly hotel that understands that you are on a cannabis vacation. This way you can be as relaxed as possible throughout your tour. Make sure that your hotel has a warm and welcoming atmosphere that can also suit your taste and style, as well as friendly and inviting staff.

Best accommodation for the best price in Trinidad Colorado

Tower 64 is the only private Motel on exit 11 that offers 420 friendly accommodation. There are currently numerous branded hotels that offer rooms from $100 to $150 but they are NOT 420 friendly. As a matter of fact there are some hotel that will charge $250 fine for smoking marijuana on their property.


Tower 64 has the best 420 friendly marijuana accommodation reviews on Tripadvisor. You can check them here.  It is all well and good to read online reviews but the most valuable insights about a cannabis-friendly hotel often come from other weedcationers like you. Sites such as TripAdvisor offer honest reviews and hotel ratings that can help you make the right decision for your pot friendly tour in Trinidad Colorado.

Book your 420 Cannabis Friendly Hotel in Trinidad, Colorado

Book your Cannabis Friendly Hotel Trinidad Colorado by either placing a call 719-846-3307 or online and plan your next 420 Cannabis Friendly Vacation at Tower64 Motel and RV Park in Trinidad, Colorado.

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