Camping in Trinidad Colorado

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RV Parks & Camping in Trinidad Colorado
Camping in Trinidad Colorado

Camping in Trinidad Colorado

Camping is one of a kind experience. Sitting in a circle around the campsite fire, roasting marshmallows, cracking jokes, and sharing scary stories are few of the many things people love about camping. The nature, sounds of nocturnal critters, cloud-stricken sky dotted with stars and a full moon add to the unique aura. Camping in Trinidad Colorado is a popular activity. The sweeping mountainous range of southern Colorado, the tranquility of Trinidad Lake State Park, and several sports’ opportunities make camping in Trinidad Colorado an ideal activity.

RV Parks and Camping Trinidad Colorado

The city of Trinidad has always been a quiet place. In the recent times, the town saw a surge of tourists due to legalization of marijuana and availability of 420-friendly accommodations. Even then, the peaceful and inviting ambiance is fully intact. Those of you who are seeking a fun-filled retreat to revitalize yourself, camping in Trinidad Colorado may be your answer. Travel in your RVs, book a room or set up a camp – there are many options to choose from. Camping in Trinidad Colorado is made easier by Tower 64. The motel boasts 12 deluxe rooms, 12 full hookups for RVs and 420-friendly services. Enjoy your holiday to its full extent without worrying about where to park your RV, how to charge your phone and where to take a shower. All facilities including water system, drainage, electricity, and proper RV parking sites are available. You can even bring your pets along! Be sure to clean up after them and keep them leashed at all times. The motel is open throughout the year and its rates depend upon the time of the year. Usually, they range from $450 to $600 per month, and $30 to $40 per night. The pull through spots with full hookups are very convenient. Moreover, you are offered services like high speed wireless internet connection, on site showers with heated water, and on-site laundry. In short, if you are planning to carry out camping in Trinidad Colorado, keep Tower 64 Motel in mind.

A Perfect Camping Adventure in Trinidad Colorado

Provided you are dressed and equipped according to the weather, camping in Trinidad Lake State Park, can be done several times of the year. However, the conditions for camping out is best during the mid-year. Weather is pleasant and mild, and the greenery is at its best. You will be awed by the views of handsome mountains surrounding you. The water level of the lake is ideal for angling, water skiing and windsurfing. Give fishing a try and if you are lucky enough, you might end up catching rainbow trout, brown trout, small and large-mouth bass, wiper, yellow perch, and dozens of more fish. Explore Trinidad Lake State Park and you will come across some amazing wildlife like turkeys, deer, elks, and coyotes. Various colorful birds call the park their home, and you just might see them chirping on the trees. Keep in mind that from mid-October to mid-May, camping sites are closed at Trinidad Lake State Park. Some special activities are available during only certain times of the year, such as Labor Day and springtime bring the fun of hiking on the trails, ice fishing, winter wildlife watching, and hunting with themselves.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and have a perfect time camping in Trinidad Colorado with Tower 64!