RV Parks in Trinidad Colorado

RV Parking & Camping Trinidad, Colorado

RV Camping in Trinidad Colorado

Trinidad Colorado is a historically rich coal-mining town with spectacular landscapes. Located right on
the border between Colorado and New Mexico, alongside the Santa Fe Trail, the town is easily
accessible. Although it is secluded and quiet, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained.
There are pristine lakes, green-clad hills, and majestic mountains with snow covered peaks. The weather
is predictable boasting sultry summers and freezing winters. If you are looking to camp out, Tower 64
features great RV Parks in Trinidad Colorado.

Park Your RV

For RV owners, the recreational vehicle is like a second home. They have to look for a spot where they
can fully relax without having to worry about water supply, electricity, and sewer. It can be hard to find
an affordable and decent RV park camping. If you are seeking a reasonable RV Parks in Trinidad
Colorado, turn to Tower 64 and book a spot. The hotel features 12 RV Parks in Trinidad Colorado.
The RV Park is situated close to eateries, supermarkets, and downtown shopping center. Furthermore,
visitors have a luxury to bring their pets and smoke marijuana in their RVs. Whether you want to camp
out or stay, the RV Parks in Trinidad Colorado is your best option.

Roam Around in Your RV

Having your own RV allows you to roam around the town. Trinidad offers a variety of fun recreational
activities for all ages. To try your hand at fishing, make a beeline for Trinidad Lake State Park, Blue and
Bear Lakes or the Purgatoire River. The spots are popular among seasoned anglers and fishers. There are
several well-worn hiking trails such as Fisher’s Peak and West Peak. Hikers and hunters tend to have a
fine time climbing through the mountainous trails.

History buffs and art enthusiasts will adore the old buildings, fine architecture, ghost towns, relics,
museums, and art galleries. Wind through the Highway of Legends and you will stumble upon the coal
mining sites, small villages, and distant views of the ancient Dakota Sandstone Formation. There is a golf
course by the name of Trinidad Golf Course, a water park ideal or kids and grownups, and a skate park
with a huge skating ring. When the sun goes down, visit a nearby bar for a refreshing drink and come
back to RV Parks Trinidad Colorado.

Enjoy the Rich Culture in Trinidad Colorado

Once you have visited Trinidad Colorado, you will develop an entirely different perspective on the town.
The town has friendly people who greet each other like old friends. It is a guarantee that you won’t feel
like a fish out of the water here. With rich historical roots and thriving art scene, the town gives off a
vibe of creativity and familiarity. Once you have booked your spot at RV Parks in Trinidad Colorado,
make sure you pay a visit to all the famous, as well as lesser known, places.

A Perfect Stay at RV Parks Trinidad Colorado

Your stay at RV Parks Trinidad Colorado won’t disappoint you. Offering a variety of amenities and 420
friendly facilities, you can enjoy a peaceful vacation at your own pace. The concierge is helpful and
friendly and will happily cater to your needs and requests. Its location ensure that you conveniently
travel around the town whenever you wish. Book your RV spot at RV Parks Trinidad Colorado by either
placing a call 719-846-3307 or online and plan your next RV Camping at Tower64 Motel and RV Park in Trinidad, Colorado.