Best Hotel Room in Trinidad Colorado

420 Friendly Rooms

The Best Hotel Rooms in Trinidad Colorado

Trinidad is a serene mountainous town in Southern Colorado. Featuring snow-capped mountains, historical landmarks, culturally rich museums and quiet lakes, Trinidad is an ideal location for a rejuvenating getaway. You will find a plethora of interesting things to do such as golfing, fishing at Trinidad Lake State Park, exploring the hiking trails, riding the Trinidad Trolley, and simply basking in the pleasant afternoon sun. Recently, thanks to the legalization of marijuana, the town has been attracting many visitors. If you are planning to spend a weekend at Trinidad, you may want to check out the best lodging in Trinidad Colorado. Here are a few options that you should consider for your stay.

Stay at Tower 64 to Unwind

In the last few years, Trinidad has undergone large development and has seen a great deal of transformation. Legalization of weed and availability of marijuana friendly rooms have improved the overall rate of tourism. A good puff of smoke can do wonders on a vacation, and there is no harm in
unraveling once in a while. If you’ve been looking for such a place in Trinidad Colorado, look no further! Tower 64 is your go-to- spot and a best lodging in Trinidad Colorado. Offering marijuana friendly rooms in affordable rates along with amazing facilities, the motel is an ideal destination to enjoy a wild and dreamy retreat.

Beautiful Surroundings to Relax You

Like its name, the hotel is towering 6,000 feet above sea level and encompassed by tall mountains and breathtakingly beautiful greenery. Supporting Colorado’s Amendment 64, that has permitted recreational use of marijuana for adults (21+), Tower 64 is one of the first 420-friendly hotels in Trinidad Colorado. It offers a variety of outdoor activities and a chance to explore scenic landscapes. From your room, you can enjoy the views of Fishers Peak and Spanish Mountains and witness the sunsets in the evening. Moreover, everything is within reach the motel. Tower 64 is located nearby many restaurants, shopping centers, and marijuana shops. Whenever you fancy a dinner or a smoke, you only have to walk for a few minutes.

Comfortable and Luxurious Rooms

Staying at Tower 64 is a perfect package. When you see its newly remodeled rooms and excellent amenities, you will see why it is considered the best lodging in Trinidad Colorado. Each room is airy and features a clean bed with fresh sheets, flat screen TV, fridge, microwave, and a high-speed Wi-Fi Internet connection. For visitors who plan to stay for long-term, a fully-equipped kitchenette is also provided. The staff is cordial and room service is excellent.

Park Your RV

Visitors who love to travel in their RV are worried about the parking. Tower 64, the best lodging in Trinidad Colorado, has the perfect solution. It offers RV Camping and Park with 12 spots and 12 deluxe rooms. Park your RV and enjoy the stay in your comfort zone. The RV spots come with electricity, water, and sewerage system, and offers a calm ambiance free of noise and clamor. Bring Your Pets Along with  You Are you worried about leaving beloved pets back at home? Well, bring them along. RV Park at Tower 64 allows pets, but visitors must follow the rules. Ensure the cleanliness and discipline and keep them leashed inside the camper. The best lodging in Trinidad Colorado wants to you have a carefree holiday without the anxiety of leaving your pet.

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