Our goal ” Offer the best service and accomodation at the best price in Trinidad Colorado area”

We choose to be an independent motel so that we can save on the high franchise fees and pass on the savings to our customers. We do not keep our prices high compared to the other brand name hotels on the same exit. Therefore offering reasonable accommodation in Trinidad Colorado at the best price.

Our History

Early fire detection became a priority within the US Forest Service during the start of the century. To help aid Fire detection in remote areas, lookout towers began to be built at key geographical locations throughout the country. The Historic 100 feet tower on this property is believed to be built in the 1930’s

Fast Forward to 2014, Amendment 64 legalized the recreational use of cannabis to Adults 21 and over in the state of Colorado. You can legally go to one of the over 20 recreational store or dispensary in Trinidad, Colorado to purchase the allowed limit of products. Trinidad has seen exponential economic and population growth in the last 5 years as a lot of out of state residents have moved into the beautiful town of Trinidad, Colorado for medical and recreational use.