There are a number of things you can do when staying in hotels near Trinidad CO. You could start your day off with a relaxing round of golf early in the morning. This is the ideal way to start off any vacation wouldn’t you say? The Trinidad Municipal Golf Course has 9 holes and a stunning view of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. You will find many avid golfers on the course throughout the day.

If you’ve just reached your lodging in Trinidad CO and need a break, consider spending a lazy afternoon or evening on the Purgatoire River. The Riverwalk is absolutely amazing and the river is known for trout fishing as well.

For history buffs staying at hotels in Trinidad Colorado, there is the Ludlow Massacre site which is just 12 miles away. It’s a ghost town today but was the site for a brutal skirmish between striking coal miners and the National Guard of Colorado which left twenty dead. The site currently includes storyboards, a tent camp, and a number of photos which help you relive the bone chilling encounter.

The nights at Trinidad CO hotels can be a lot of fun as well. You can take a casual stroll down the quaint streets of Old Trinidad and ogle at the beautiful Victorian houses. The beautiful landscapes have also resulted in an inflow of a number of artists to the area and the Southern Colorado Repertory Theater has classic and original shows running throughout the year. These factors and many more have led to the Corazo’n de Trinidad being certified a Colorado Creative District.

The Colorado Welcome Center located in downtown Trinidad is another great place to visit for the latest information on the area, free coffee and Wi-Fi. The Trinidad History Museum is home to the well preserved Baca House which is a two storey house combining Hispanic and British design from 1870. The Santa Fe Trail Museum. One of the exhibits which are displayed here is the fringed buckskin coat that Kit Carson wore. The Bloom Mansion is another must visit place while in Trinidad. It is an elaborate confection built back in 1882. The A. R. Mitchell Museum of Western Art is another must visit for its Spanish colonial and Western folk art.

The history and scenic byways shouldn’t be missed at any cost. The Highway of Legends is exactly that. This byway heads towards Cokedale where there is a strip of home ovens lining the road which resemble something a lot more Roman than frontiers.

If you still have time on your hands after doing all of this, visit the Purgatoire River Track site. This is the biggest dinosaur track site in Northern America. You can walk with more than 1300 allosaurus and brontosaurus footprints from more than 150 million years ago. Bike, hike or ride horseback to this site which is just 5 miles away. There are guided auto tours which happen occasionally as well. Don’t miss the opportunity if it presents itself. The experience is truly spectacular.